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About MentorColor

MentorColor is on a mission to create a more inclusive workplace of the future. We want a workplace that mirrors the incredible diversity the world has to offer.

Underrepresented communities are still playing catchup because of the huge inequality gap that was created from years of oppression. We see the same trend in Tech where representation is very low.

We believe we can play a role in levelling the playing field, breaking down barriers and unlocking access to the much needed resources underrepresented communities need to thrive and succeed in Tech. We believe mentorship is the magic weapon we need to connect people beyond continental boundaries to enable cross-pollination and knowledge sharing at scale.

With MentorColor, an Engineer in Lagos, Nigeria can be connected with a mentor working at a FAANG in California, USA. This gives the Engineer access to a network and a wealth of experience that they would otherwise be locked out of. That’s what MentorColor stands for, we believe in breaking down those geographical boundaries and creating opportunities for people to be part of a Global Tech scene which will contribute to creating a thriving Global Tech ecosystem that is remote-first.

Join us on our mission and let’s make a difference 💪🏾.

Victor & Boina
Co-Founders, MentorColor